Friday, 2 June 2017

Altered small water bucket

 Hi everyone this is Mona with a fun project altering a small water pail using this bucket from the dollar store and sequins also from the dollar store.


 Here I took my Best Glue Ever and my Embellie Gellie  to adhere the sequins to the pail. The Best Glue Ever requires a very little amount as it is really tacky and holds up really well, dries clear so is perfect for projects like this. The no clog writing cap helps you aim the Glue at the right spot and saves you from wasting. The embellished gellie helped me to pick up my sequins and put them presicely in the right spot.

Once my sequins were all adhered I took my Perfect Crafting Pouch to deactivate the tackiness of the Glue that went thru the holes of the sequins. I just pounced the pouch a few times in each spot and took the stickiness away. What a fun project, it is perfect and glamorous to use as a pen holder in my craft room. Thanks for stopping by hope to see you again soon.

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