Thursday, 3 May 2012

April ATC swap

                                                                 April YPP ATC swap

April Recipe Card Swap

                                                         April YPP Recipe Card Swap

April Junk Journal Page Swap

                                                 April YPP Junk Journal Page Swap
                                              Cover and Entertainment Page both sides.

Greeting Card Swap

                                                March Greeting Card/Sketh Challenge Swap

March Rolodex Swap

                                                         March YPP Rolodex Swap

March ATC swap

                                                         March YPP ATC swap

March Recipe Card Swap

                                                  March YPP Recipe Card Swap

Feb. Tag Swap

                                                       February YPP Tag Swap

February Recipe Card Swap

                                                      February YPP Recipe Card Swap

February ATC swap

                                                              February YPP ATC swap

Stick Pin Swap

                                                        FebruaryYPP Stick to it pin Swap

Jan. Tag Swap

                                                                      January YPP Tag Swap

Jan Rolodex Swap

                                                        January  YPP Rolodex Swap

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

January ATC swap

                                                              January YPP ATC Swap

Jan. Recipe Card Swap

                                              January YPP Recipe Card Swap

Christmas Cards

                                                               Christmas Cards 2011

2012 Calendar

 2012 Calendar

Angel Junk Journal

                                                             Angel Junk Journal

Altered composition book and Note books

Altered Composition books and Note books.

Altered Composition Book

Altered Composition Book and mini note book.